Dr. Bowdish discusses the lab’s research on microbiota and healthy/unhealthy aging on the Agora Health Podcast

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The Bowdish lab is no longer taking thesis or project students for the 2024/25 academic year, but click here for an opportunity for students interested in aging research.

Unfortunately the Bowdish lab is at capacity for undergraduate students for next year; however, if you are looking to meet supervisors doing research in aging MIRA (McMaster Institute for Research on Aging) is partnering with McMaster’s Association for Undergraduate Research on Aging (AURA) to host Meet Your Supervisor – an in-person, networking and informational session aimed at connecting undergraduate students seeking research experience with MIRA Researchers. MIRA will also share information about the MIRA Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowships.

RSVP to attend.

Event details:

WHEN: Monday January 22nd ,  4 – 5:30 PM

WHERE: Farncombe Atrium, HSC 3N4

Please RSVP by January 15, 2022

Publication: Age-associated Inflammation alters the aging trajectory.

This article is written for lay/broad audiences and describes what age-associated inflammation is and why it may be key to healthy/unhealthy aging.