Dr. Bowdish talks about saliva testing for COVID-19

The Bowdish and Brown labs have been working together to develop a saliva test that can be used to detect asymptomatic and presymptomatic infections. We call the study COVID-SPIT (COVID-Saliva Protocol Implementation Test) and here Dr. Bowdish describes the importance of asymptomatic testing and results and successes so far.

Bowdish lab cleans up at the IIDR trainee Day!

Congratulations to Keith Lee for winning the IIDR Award of Excellence for best undergraduate poster and Julie Kaiser for winning the best graduate poster. Alicja Puchta gave an excellent talk and Mike Dorrington, Preethi Jayanth, Kyle Novakowski, Charles Yin, and the BASEF/IIDR summer internship award winner, Jason Fan all presented excellent posters. Way to go team!

Keith Lee, a 4th year BHSc student, wins the IIDR Award for Excellence for "Best Undergraduate Poster".


A blurry Julie Kaiser, presents her work on elucidating host-pathogen interactions of the SMG family.

Jason Fan, a grade 11/12 high school student, and BASEF/IIDR summer internship winner presents an excellent poster on isolating pneumococcal cell wall components.


Alicja Puchta makes Dr. Brian Coombes repeat the question after her (very professional, very well received) talk.


Dr. Preethi Jayanth presents her work on understanding why the elderly are susceptible to post-influenza pneumonia.

Photo credits to Chantall VanRaay.