Age, pneumonia, and post-pneumonia health issues

Project Description:

Having pneumonia in mid- to late-life accelerates or exacerbates other health conditions such as cognitive decline, cardiovascular issues, and frailty. Because we don’t know why this occurs, the only way to prevent it is to reduce the risk of infection by vaccination. We don’t have vaccines against all the pathogens that cause pneumonia and even if we did, not all older adults respond perfectly to vaccines. Our vision is to understand how pneumonia causes long-term health issues and test interventions in our pre-clinical models to develop new treatments.

Our ongoing investigations include;

  1. Understanding how age-related changes in the immune response increase the risk of pneumonia.
  2. Using large population-based studies to understand how pneumonia and chronic inflammation impact cognition (led by collaborator Dr. Chris Verschoor)
  3. Understanding how chronic age-associated inflammation impact microglia (brain macrophage) function
  4. Uncovering mechanisms by which pneumonia impacts cognition and accelerates frailty.
  5. Testing new drugs to prevent post-pneumonia cognitive decline.

Team Members:
Technical lead: Braeden Cowborough
Graduate students: Sofya Ermolina (PhD)
Undergraduate students:  Molly Health, Amanda Densil

Current Funding: CIHR Brain Aging Team Grant (co-PI, Dr Chris Verschoor, co-investigators Drs A. Costa, A. Jones, M. Chong, K. Choe, C. Quin, J. Kwong, M. Tremblay)


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