The role of the microbiota in healthy/unhealthy aging

Project Description:

Our immune system and the microbes that live on and in us change as we age, but whether these changes contribute to healthy/unhealthy aging is not clear. We perform mechanistic experiments to understand whether age-related changes in the microbiota or immunes system have a causal relationship with healthy/unhealthy aging.

We have a number of ongoing projects;

  1. Understanding how the gut microbiota changes with age and contributes to a ‘leaky gut’, that triggers inflammation.
  2. Determine if the gut microbiome causes or accelerates frailty
  3. Determine whether the upper respiratory tract microbiota changes with age and whether this contributes to susceptibility to infection.

Team Members:
Technical lead: Erica DeJong (lab manager)
Graduate students: Alice Caldwell (MSc)
Undergraduate students:  Catherine Andary (Medical student)

Current Funding: CIHR Project Grant, Weston Family Foundation Grant

Dr. Michael Surette
Dr. Elena Verdú
Dr. Pratheepa Jeganathan


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