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Dr Bowdish is the Canadian Lung Association’s spokesperson for World Pneumonia Day (November 12, 2018). Here she discusses the importance of being vaccinated for pneumonia….

She also speaks to Zoomer Magazine about pneumonia, vaccinations and the aging immune system here…


Dawn discusses how making vaccination a family affair can protect older adults from pneumonia on CTV Toronto.

Dawn discusses how older adults can protect themselves from pneumonia on Zoomer Radio.

 Listen to the interview here.


Deputation given to the Standing Committee on Social Policy regarding Bill 41 The Lung Health Act

On how inflammation affects immune cells and susceptibility to pneumonia in older adults….

In Die Welt (German) “Forscher kommen dem Altern auf die Schliche

In the AAAS’ EurekaAlert “Studying inflamm-aging: Monocytes, cytokines and susceptibility to pneumonia

In Nature News “Immune cells go awry with age

Dawn discusses her career choice on the IIDR’s “Incubation podcast“.


With the Ontario Lung Association:

Dawn interviews some amazing young researchers, the Pandey Brothers at the Ontario Lung Associations Breathe Gala Click: The Future of Lung Research!

With the Research to Reality Social Media Campaign:

What sort of research do we do in the Bowdish lab?

Where do your research dollars go? (Dawn starts at 38 seconds)

Discussing the benefits of vaccination for older adults on the CBC…

..and on Sunrise’s Senior Living blog.

To hear Dawn discuss the benefits of vaccination for older adults on Metro Morning podcast, Thu Nov 12, 2015, Jfrom CBC Radio Toronto (Highlights). Released: 2015. Track 1. Genre: Podcast.

To hear Dawn discuss the benefits of vaccination for older adults on London AM 960 The Pulse with Devon Peacock (airdate: Nov 13, 2015) click here.

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