Congratulations to Pat Schenck & Jessica Breznik on winning the Farncombe Research in Progress Awards!

Jessica Breznik (co-supervised by Dr. Deborah Sloboda) won the “Best Presentation by a PhD student” while Pat Schenck (co-supervised by Dr. Mike Surette) won runner up!  What a wonderful tribute to their skills in both research and communication – well done!

Dawn discussed why she chose to go into a career in science in the IIDR’s Incubation Podcast Series

Fiona Whelan and Ryan Buensuceso, sit down with the IIDR’s Dr. Dawn Bowdish to discuss how and why she chose science as a career.

Hear the podcast here.

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Fiona Whelan (@whelanfj)
Ryan Buensuceso (@rcbuensuceso)
Dr. Dawn Bowdish (@MsMacrophage)
Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research (IIDR) (@McMasterIIDR)

The Bowdish lab attends the 14th Annual Buffalo Immunology Conference.

This year our lab is taking the Buffalo Immunology Conference by storm!

Nick Yap (MSc candidate with Dr. Brian Golding) was chosen to give a talk “The evolution of the scavenger receptor cysteine-rich domain of the class A scavenger receptor family”. Dessi Loukov (PhD candidate) will be speaking on “MacrophAGING: The effects of chronic inflammation on macrophage anti-microbial immunity” . Dawn will be giving a talk on “The aging microbiome drives age‐associated
inflammation” while many other members of the team give poster presentations.

Bowdish lab students recognized for research excellence at the IIDR trainee day!

Bowdish lab trainees Avee Naidoo and Netusha Thevaranjan were recognized for their research excellence at the fourth annual Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research (IIDR) Trainee Research Day. The event was held at CIBC Hall on Friday, October 10th and featured a keynote address by Professor Quim Madrenas of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at McGill University. In addition to the keynote speach, the talented trainees at IIDR presented their latest research findings and accomplishments during the day.

A second-year Master’s student Avee Naidoo was awarded with the Michael Kamin Hart Memorial Scholarship at a reception held at the University Club at the end of the day. The $1,800 scholarphip is named in honour of a gifted Master’s student of IIDR who tragically passed away in 2011. Avee plans to use the scholarship to attend a Keystone meeting on inflammation and aging in Montreal next year. Another Master’s student in the Bowdish labNetusha Thevaranjan, was awarded with the IIDR Awards of Excellence for her poster presentation. Kyle Novakowski was the runner up for the PhD poster award.

Both Avee and Netusha are currently working to elucidate the mechanisms underlying age-associated deterioration of the innate immune response.

Congratulations to both Avee and Netusha!

Netusha Thevarnjan wins best MSc poster presentation and Avee Naidoo wins the Michael Kamin Hart Memorial scholarship at the 2014 IIDR trainee day. Dawn beams with pride.

Netusha Thevarnjan wins best MSc poster presentation and Avee Naidoo wins the Michael Kamin Hart Memorial scholarship at the 2014 IIDR trainee day. Dawn beams with pride.

Dawn speaks on “Undergraduate Research Opportunities” for the McMaster Undergraduate Research S

Dawn was delighted to be invited to speak at an information night organized by the McMaster Undergraduate Research in Science Association (MURSA). She presented her perspectives on what she might be looking for in an undergraduate student, why PIs/Professors take on undergraduates and once an undergraduate gets a position, what they need to do to be successful. For her presentation, click here. To learn more about the MURSA see their webpage or Facebook page

Dawn presents her perspectives on why a PI might take an undergraduate researcher and what an undergraduate might do to obtain a research position and be successful in research.


Dawn wins G. Jeanette Thorbecke Award from the Society of Leukocyte Biology.

The Thorbecke award was created by the SLB to honor G. Jeanette Thorbecke, M. D., Ph.D., and Professor of Pathology at the New York University School of Medicine, who tragically died in a swimming accident in November 2001.  The award is intended for a deserving young female investigator working in the area of cellular and molecular mechanisms of host defense and inflammation.

As part of the award, Dawn will present recent work from the Bowdish lab at the 2011 SLB meeting in Kansas City, MO entitled “Age-Associated Changes in Monocyte/Macrophage Function Predispose the Elderly to Infectious Disease”, to be presented on Thursday September 22, 2011 at 4:45pm. In addition she will be giving a second talk at 5:15 Sept 23 in the “Hematopoiesis under Pressure” section.

Many prestigious early career scientists have received this award and Dawn is honoured to be counted among them. Dawn would like to express her thanks to all those who nominated her.

Click here for the article on the McMaster Daily News.