Avee Naidoo (PhD candidate) wins the Anne Martin-Matthews Doctoral Research Prize of Excellence in Research on Aging!

Congratulations to Avee Naidoo for winning the Anne Martin-Matthews Doctoral Research Prize of Excellence in Research on Aging! Avee’s work focuses on studying the role of the microenvironment on age and how this affects immune function in the elderly. Her research will help us to understand the mechanisms behind the impaired antibacterial function seen in the elderly, as well as lead to earlier prognosis of individuals at risk of chronic age related diseases.

Avee will be presented her award at this year’s Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting of the Canadian Association on Gerontology in Calgary, Alberta! She will also be a guest judge for the Student Poster Competition at the meeting so bring your A game!



The Bowdish lab attends the 14th Annual Buffalo Immunology Conference.

This year our lab is taking the Buffalo Immunology Conference by storm!

Nick Yap (MSc candidate with Dr. Brian Golding) was chosen to give a talk “The evolution of the scavenger receptor cysteine-rich domain of the class A scavenger receptor family”. Dessi Loukov (PhD candidate) will be speaking on “MacrophAGING: The effects of chronic inflammation on macrophage anti-microbial immunity” . Dawn will be giving a talk on “The aging microbiome drives age‐associated
inflammation” while many other members of the team give poster presentations.

Collaborator update: Fan Fei wins “Glasgow Polyomics & University of Strathclyde Young Scientist Award” at the 9th Annual Conference of the Metabolomics Society!

Fan Fei (PhD candidate), under the supervision of Dr. Brian McCarry, and in conjunction with Bowdish lab undergraduate Keith Lee, studies age related changes in the inflammatory response from a metabolomics perspective. Funded by the Russell Bell Travel Scholarship award, she attended the  9th Annual conference of the Metabolomics Society. July 1-4, 2013, SECC Glasgow. She won the “Glasgow Polyomics & University of Strathclyde Young Scientist Award” for outstanding poster presentation of research in the field of metabolomics at the Metabolomic Conference 2013 in Glasgow Scotland for her work “Comprehensive Metabolomic Analysis Reveals Major Differences in the Macrophage Inflammatory Response Between Young and Aged Mice”. Way to go Fan!