Dr. Bowdish talks with the CBC about whether we should worry about the coronovirus.

Canada is repatriating citizens from Wuhan, China. Should we be worried that this will bring the coronovirus to Canada?
Dr. Bowdish talks to CBC about the risks of bringing Canadians home, what we can do to protect ourselves from infection, and reveals that there is a virus circulating in Canada right now with similar symptoms that has killed hundreds of Canadians and is expected to kill hundreds more (it’s influenza and you should get your flu shot).


Why does the public mistrust science? Radio interview with CHML.

Dr Bowdish talks to Scott Thompson on  CHML radio about a recent survey suggesting that more Canadians have lost their trust in science. Are scientists elitist? What can scientists do to regain the public’s trust ? Listen to this clip to hear more….

November is Lung Month – what do older adults need to know about pneumonia?

Dr Bowdish is the Canadian Lung Association’s spokesperson for World Pneumonia Day (November 12, 2018). Here she discusses the importance of being vaccinated for pneumonia….

She also speaks to Zoomer Magazine about pneumonia, vaccinations and the aging immune system here…

To get a sense of the other lung research going on in the Bowdish lab, see our Instagram page: house.macrophage


Dr. Bowdish talks to Zoomer Radio about how older adults can protect themselves from pneumonia.

 Listen to the interview here.

Dawn discussed why she chose to go into a career in science in the IIDR’s Incubation Podcast Series

Fiona Whelan and Ryan Buensuceso, sit down with the IIDR’s Dr. Dawn Bowdish to discuss how and why she chose science as a career.

Hear the podcast here.

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Novemer 12th is World Pneumonia Day – celebrate by getting vaccinated against influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia!

Novemer 12th is World Pneumonia Day – celebrate by getting vaccinated against influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia!

Hear the interview on Metro Morning with Matt Galloway here:


Read about why older adults should be vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia and influenza, as profiled by the CBC here:

and here


To hear Dawn discuss the benefits of vaccination for older adults on London AM 960 The Pulse with Devon Peacock (airdate: Nov 13, 2015) click here:

To read about the link between dementia and pneumonia:

To read about the link between cardiovascular disease and pneumonia

Work in the Bowdish lab is funded by the Canadian taxpayer through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the National Science and Engineering Research Council, and through donations administered by the Ontario Lung Association.

Avee Naidoo recognized for her research by the CIHR Institute of Aging.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Bowdish lab PhD student, Avee Naidoo, won the Fall 2014 CIHR Institute of Aging Anne Martin-Matthews Doctoral Research Prize of Excellence in Research on Aging and is mentioned in the CIHR’s Institute of Aging newsletter!

November is Lung Month! The Bowdish lab gets involved with the Breathing As One campaign.

Research in Lung health is not nearly as well funded as it should be considering the toll it takes on patients and our healthcare system. That’s why the Bowdish lab is involved in the Lung Association’s Breathing as One campaign to raise money for lung research. Click on the picture to read the insert that was delivered in a number of newspapers (including our own Hamilton Spectator) to launch the campaign.Lung Association Breathing as One