Alumnus Update: Melissa Ling, Bowdish lab undergraduate, accepted to Yale University.

Congratulations to Melissa Ling, a former Bowdish lab undergraduate thesis student who was accepted to Yale University’s Masters of Medical Science in the Physician Associate Program. This prestigious program has a 3.6% acceptance rate so we are very proud of her.

Best of luck Melissa!

Pictured here in her Bowdish lab days.

Alumnus update: Former Bowdish lab undergraduate Charles Yin wins prestigious Vanier scholarship for his MD/PhD work!

Charles Yin 2012smCongratulations to former Bowdish lab undergraduate student Charles Yin on his week of accomplishments – publishing his paper on one of his undergraduate projects and winning a prestigious CIHR Vanier Scholarship for his MD/PhD work at UWO.
Congrats Charles!

The Bowdish lab is the strongest lab at McMaster and we have the scholarship winners to prove it!

Who’s got the strongest lab at McMaster? I do! We’ve had a great run of success at the Bowdish lab with fully all of our students receiving prestigious scholarships! And that’s not to mention our other successes such as our summer scholarship winners (Jason Fan – IIDR), our students who got their degree and moved on to great things (Dr. Fan Fei – manager of Mass Spec facility, Dr. Mike Dorrington – PDF at the NIH), and our PDF, Dr. Chris Verschoor who got a faculty position!

Who's got the strongest lab at McMaster? I do! Bowdish lab scholarship winners 2015/2016: Netusha Thevaranjan (CIHR-PhD), Avee Naidoo (CIHR-PhD), Kyle Novakowski (NSERC-PhD), Pat Schenck (CIHR-PhD), Dessi Loukov (CIHR-PhD), Justin Boyle (NSERC-MSC).

Bowdish lab scholarship winners 2015/2016: Netusha Thevaranjan (CIHR-PhD), Avee Naidoo (CIHR-PhD), Kyle Novakowski (NSERC-PhD), Pat Schenck (CIHR-PhD), Dessi Loukov (CIHR-PhD), Justin Boyle (NSERC-MSC).

Avee Naidoo recognized for her research by the CIHR Institute of Aging.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Bowdish lab PhD student, Avee Naidoo, won the Fall 2014 CIHR Institute of Aging Anne Martin-Matthews Doctoral Research Prize of Excellence in Research on Aging and is mentioned in the CIHR’s Institute of Aging newsletter!

Alumnus update: Former thesis student Jessica Wallace accepted for MSc degree

Jessica Wallace (Sept 2013-Apr 2014) was a Life Sciences student who took Dawn’s HTHSCI 4II3 (Advanced Immunology) class. She was such an engaged student that despite being full to the rafters, she became the Bowdish lab’s 7th undergraduate student in the 2013/14 school year. She worked with Dr. Chris Verschoor to study the role of circulating bacterial products in age-associated inflammation. She has been accepted to McMaster’s Medical Sciences Graduate Program and will be working with Dr. Deborah Sloboda (Biochemistry) as an MSc student in Sept 2014. Congratulations Jessica!

Alumnus update: Prashant Bharadwaj accepted to John Hopkins University for graduate school.

Prashant Bharadwaj  (Summer 2013) was an undergraduate from the Indian Institute of Technology who won a MITACS summer studentship to work in the Bowdish lab discovering novel signalling motifs in macrophage scavenger receptors. He will be joining John Hopkins as a graduate student in September 2014. Way to go Prashant!

Alumnus update: Former Bowdish lab undergraduate, Keith Lee, receives a CIHR MSC scholarship!

Keith Lee, who will be attending the University of Toronto for medical school starting August 2013 has received a very prestigious CIHR MSc graduate award. He has chosen to decline to pursue his medical studies and potentially re-apply as an MD/PhD student next year. Congratulations Keith!