Dr. Bowdish will be performing at the 2024 Hamilton Fringe Festival

Born in September? Then you’re going to want to see Dr. Dawn Bowdish, scientist, and professor of medicine at McMaster University perform “The Perils of Being Born in the Fall” at this year’s Hamilton Fringe Festival (July 17-28th).

Dr. Bowdish is an award-winning scientist and first-time performer in the Hamilton Fringe Festival. Her solo show “The Perils of Being Born in the Fall” tours through the wackiness of early 19th century psychiatry, stealth mid-century reproductive rights activism, how the climate was once thought to affect your sex life, and why cold & flu season has an outsize impact on mental health.

“I’m excited to bring my love for science and science communication to a new audience. In my professional life, I need to provide facts and information in an objective and dispassionate way, but this show provides me an opportunity for me to share my passion, wonder, and amazement at the scientific process while introducing audiences to some quirky and important scientists they almost certainly wouldn’t have heard of before,” Bowdish said.

This show is a fun mix of education and entertainment, and you are guaranteed to leave with fun facts to share with your family and friends.

“The Perils of Being Born in the Fall” will be performed at as part of the Hamilton Fringe Festival at the Hamilton Theatre Inc, 140 M MacNab St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2M3 at 7 p.m. on July 18,19,20, 25, 26, and 1.pm on July 27,and 28th.

Buy tickets here (or at the venue): https://hftco.ca/events/?mc_cid=eda1dd0bcd&mc_eid=2146b47461

For more information,follow Dr. Bowdish on Bluesky (https://bsky.app/profile/msmacrophage.bsky.social) or Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/msmacrophage/).

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