Congratulations to Julie Kaiser on successfully defending her MSc!

Bowdish lab associate member (technically she’s supervised by Dr. Mike Surette but we think of her as one of our own), Julie Kaiser, successfully defended her MSc thesis “Host responses to the Strepotococcus Milleri Group”. To see a photo of Julie in her post exam bliss/haze click here. Julie is moving on to a PhD at UWO in Dr. Dave Heinrichs lab. We’re sending Dave on of our best & brightest – we expect a thank you card any day now.

Fiona Whelan successfully defends her MSc thesis!

Fiona Whelan is the first Bowdish student to defend her thesis. Fiona’s defended her thesis entitled ” “Discovery of conserved motifs in MARCO through evolutionary analyses and molecular biology”. Her work on the evolution of the class A scavenger receptors has resulted in a better understanding of their relationship and grouping as a family and has lead to interesting hints as to which regions are conserved (and are presumably important functionally) within MARCO and across all the class A scavenger receptors. She defended exceptionally well. Congratulations Fiona!

Fiona Whelan & Dr. Dawn Bowdish at her party celebrating her successful MSc defence.