The Bowdish lab welcomes summer students Danny, Mina, Joseph and Melodie and congratulates them on their scholarship successes.

The Bowdish lab is pleased to welcome a recent biochemistry graduate and IIDR summer scholarship winner, Joseph Chon, Mina Sadeghi a MIRA (McMaster Institute for Research on Aging) summer student,  Danny Ma a MIRA and NSERC-USRA winner and Melodie Kim, a BHSc summer studentship recipient. We’re thrilled to have such a talented group of students working with us this summer.

Summer students 2018, all of whom have summer studentships! (L-R) Joseph Chon (IIDR), Mina Sadeghi (MIRA), and Danny Ma (NSERC-USRA, MIRA) and not pictured Melodie Kim (BHSc). Welcome!

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