Diversity – what does it mean to us in the Bowdish lab?

I’ve included this diversity statement on our “Lab Philosophy” page. It’s the first version and may be updated but do let us know what you think about it.

Diversity: Our lab values diversity because we believe that diverse viewpoints and opinions bring with them new perspectives and ultimately better, more creative, more innovative, science. We have members of diverse career stages (high school students to emeritus professors), diverse cultures (we’ve had all 6 continents represented in the lab and our potluck events are delicious!), and diverse upbringings, families, religions, opinions and viewpoints. We acknowledge that each of us brings with us perspectives shaped by our experiences as well as challenges and obstacles. By valuing and celebrating our differences and supporting each other to overcome our personal obstacles, we believe that our science will be the best it can be and, perhaps as importantly, that our trainees will get the support, validation and encouragement they need to be successful and increase the diversity of the scientific community as a whole.

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