Bowdish lab attends PROSPECT study retreat

On June 8-9, members of the Bowdish lab participating in a clinical pilot study with the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG) were able to put down the pipettes and head into the great outdoors for a retreat near Muskoka, Ontario. Aveshni Naidoo, Dessi Loukov, Kyle Novakowski, Dr. Chris Verschoor and Dawn were all excited to attend. Absent: Prospect “A-Team” member Netusha Thevaranjan.








The Bowdish lab has been in collaboration with a study run by Dr. Deborah Cook termed PROSPECT; Probiotics to prevent Severe Pneumonia and Endotracheal Colonization Trial since March 2013. Since then, the lab made an incredible effort to process hundreds of patient blood samples to measure levels of endotoxin and cytokines as part of a mechanistic sub study.








The purpose of this retreat was to share and translate knowledge, exchange ideas and gain an understanding of how the many nodes of a multi-center clinical study function together as a team. These goals were certainly achieved early, as Dawn provided an  insightful presentation on what exactly is an endotoxin or a cytokine. Dr. Chris Verschoor followed up with some exciting preliminary data. Administrators, nurses and research coordinators all gained an appreciation for all the hard work members of the Bowdish lab have put into the clinical study thus far. Well done, team!

Following a social hour at the stunning main house, attendees returned to the equally amazing Breezy Ridge Retreat Center for an unforgettable meal, late night games and multiple “life chats”. Many bedtimes were well exceeded.

The following morning saw the administrators, nurses and research coordinators take the floor to discuss topics such as data validation, informed consent and future plans for the clinical study. It was now members of the Bowdish lab turn to learn about all the hard work put in by the clinical and administrative team members.

Following a quick lunch and trek down the 400/401, it was time to return to the lab bench – you never know when new patient samples might be heading our way!

The Bowdish lab would like to thank Dr. Deborah Cook and Dr. Bob Sheppard for sharing their beautiful house and retreat center with us. We’re excited to continue our collaboration and even more excited for what may be on the horizon.

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By Kyle Novakowski


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