Flow Cytometry


An introduction to automated flow cytometry gating tools and their implementation

General Flow Cytometry protocol


Regulatory T cells (Tregs)

Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells (both granulocytic and monocytic)

  • Please note that MDSCs must be measured within 3 hours of taking blood.


Monocyte Maturity

Lymphocytes (T cells, B cells, NK cells)

T cells (naiive, memory, TEMRA, senescent)


Sorting monocyte subsets for RNAseq


Flow cytometry protocol for staining Ly6Chigh (inflammatory)and Ly6Clow (patrolling) monocytes
Flow cytometry protocol for myeloid populations in the lung

T cells (naiive, memory, TEMRA, senescent)

Bacterial flow cytometry

Measurement of binding to intact bacteria

  • This protocol is used for “bacterial flow cytometry” (running bacteria through the flow cytometer rather than eukaroytic cells). We measure protein binding to the bacteria but it could easily be adapted to antibodies.