Macrophage Isolation & Culture

Culture Media

Culturing LCM (L929 Culture media) for mouse macrophage culture

  • L929 cells produce MCSF and other growth factors. Supernatant from L929 cultures can be used to differentiate macrophages.

Murine macrophages

Harvesting murine bone marrow from femurs and tibia

Harvesting murine bone marrow from spines

  • We have found that you get as much as 5x more bone marrow when collecting from the spines, as opposed to standard femur & tibias. For an accompanying video, please contact Dr. Bowdish (

Culture, freezing and defrosting murine bone marrow macrophages

Elicitation and collection of peritoneal macrophages and neutrophils using Biogel

Cell lines

Propagation & culture of THP-1 cells

Culturing RAW264.7 Cells

  • The murine RAW 264.7 cell line is considered one of the best macrophage cell lines. Here we describe culture & propagation of the cells.


Human monocyte derived macrophage culture