Macrophage Isolation & Culture

Harvesting murine bone marrow from femurs and tibia

Human monocyte derived macrophage culture

Harvesting murine bone marrow from spines

  • We have found that you get as much as 5x more bone marrow when collecting from the spines, as opposed to standard femur & tibias.

Isolation & culture of murine bone marrow macrophages

Elicitation and collection of peritoneal macrophages and neutrophils using Biogel

Propagation & culture of THP-1 cells

  •  Tips and tricks for growing this popular, but finicky, human monocyte-like cell line.

 Culturing RAW264.7 Cells

  • The murine RAW 264.7 cell line is considered one of the best macrophage cell lines. Here we describe culture & propogation of the cells.


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